The Lake Air Complex (total of over 16 acres) is owned by the City of Waco and is operated by Lake Air Little League Park Inc.  Lake Air is home to the Malcolm Louden Fields, which includes three Little League Baseball fields, one Junior Field and two Softball fields.

The main entrace to our complex is off North 42nd Street across from Waco High School.  Parking lots are available off of North 42nd street for the baseball fields.

Field #1 - located at the corner of New Road and Trice, this field is used for Tee Ball, Coach Pitch and Pee Wee ballgames.  The fences are at 180'.

Field #2 - this field also has fences ot 180' and is used for many of the development leagues (Tee Ball, Coach Pitch, Pee Wee and Minors).  This is the most used field in the complex.

Field #3 - this field was renovated in 2012 with new fences at 205' and new state of the art lights.  The Majors play all their games on this field.  Tee Ball also plays on this field.

Junior Field - located between Field #3 and the old Home Run Alley (bordered by Colcord and New Road), this is a full size baseball field (90 foot bases).  The Junior league plays on this field.  Vanguard College Preperatory also currently plays its home games on this field.

Fields #4  & #5 - these two softball fields are located across Trice Avenue from the baseball fields and next door the the Armory.  The fields have a concession stand between them.

Don Detherage Challenger Field - the local Challenger League operates on this field.  While independent from Lake Air Little League, the Waco Area Challenger League is supported by Lake Air and District 9 of Little League International.  We are proud to share our complex with this organization.